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How to be more Happy | Self Improvement ♡

Ciao! How’s your day been? Not so happy, I can see. I mean, not visually but I can feel it. Also because you read the title.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” This quote is said by Oliver Wilde and it is truly amazing. But, I want to make a little change in it. Let’s say, “To overcome woe is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just live with it.” Now, you must be wondering “umm, how does this relate to being euphoric?” Let me tell you, this relates on a whole new level. You even don’t know how your sorrow can increase your thermometer of happiness. So, for increasing your happy meter from a 20 to a 150, here are some of my tips for making you more joyous.

1. Every thing that happens, happens for a reason

Almost all of you might have read this proverb a million times. But, have you ever thought of implementing this in real life. I bet, 90% of you haven’t and for the remaining 10% , good jobs kids. You might think that this is super cliché and honestly, I agree. But, the good thing about it is, it works. An A+ for function! Trust me, if you take a negative circumstance and change it into a positive one, there is no way that you’ll be in misery. I have been doing this for a couple of months now and it’s going great. This is a major step for being happier because if you don’t let those winds of negativity enter your mind, there won’t be a storm of grief after a couple of minutes. *hears sister playing a sad song* “WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THAT SONG, I AM TRYING TO BE POSITIVE HERE!”


2. Bedtime

A key to being more jubilant is to take a note of every bad thing that happens to you on a daily basis. Whether it be about work, school or your personal life. 5 minutes before you actually go to sleep, recall all those bad memories with a positive attitude. After remembering them, try to fetch the reasons of why these things are happening to you, how you can stop them from occurring and many more. This helps you to clear up your mind and makes you feel fresh.

I wish I look like this when I sleep

3. Find that passion

There are so many people in the world who don’t like their jobs. They’re just fed up of them and want to quit. I will suggest, quit it. Find what you are passionate about, a thing that you can do 24/7 and not even think about leaving your workspace. Something which will make you feel good about yourself. It’s definitely not that job which make you feel like a tried boy whose parents forced him to do engineering. Think of whom you admire the most (professionally). Then, try to correlate these properties of him or her with your own self and try to think of ways you can improve yourself in your dream job and be the best damn person in it.

My passion

4. Be yourself

There’s nothing better than being yourself. If you are a people-pleaser like me, then PLEASE STOP WORRYING ABOUT OTHER’S OPINIONS. It’s only gonna hurt you more. Try to take everything said, not so personally. See, it’s better to be a weird quirky girl rather than trying to be a ‘know it all’ fake person. When you’re being yourself, you feel much more comfortable than being in an awkward situation where someone asks you a Computer related question and you reply with “Mitochondria is the power house of the cell.” *Laughs at own joke* See, it doesn’t make sense. Try to be yourself and don’t you dare think, “What if people don’t like me?” People who like you when you’re being a sham are not your real friends. People who love you the way you are, are your best friends. *Welcome to Advice with Leisha 101*

Be yourself

5. Memes are the best

When you laugh your body releases endorphins which are responsible to give you the feeling of exhilaration. Laughter helps when you’re sad, stressed, anxious etc. In these situations, just think about a funny meme or incident. That’s why I laugh so much. Before going to sleep, I look at some of the hysterical memes which I can relate to. Laughing just makes me feel a lot better and obviously will make you feel good too. You’re not a robot right? Maybe you are, then you have to use ReCaptcha. How many cars are there in this picture? Stranger: “10?” Computer: “It is now proven that this person is not a robot. Congratulations, you have successfully come to the end of this post.”


I hope these helped you to be a little more beatific. I don’t take any responsibility of your laughing thermometer going above a 200, just to make that clear. I’ll meet you ViRtUaLLy in another post! Tata!<33

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How to reduce stress | Self Love

Aye Aye Captain! You are probably here because you have stress. Right? Maybe you have a lot of it, maybe just a little. But we all stress about some or the other thing in life. Don’t we?

Stress is mainly because of negativity. I am sure you’re probably like “You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just a 13 year old!” Believe me, I do. I have had anxiety and stress, not just a bit but a lot of it. Stress is caused because of thoughts. Of course both types, the good ones and the bad ones. Here are some of my tips for coping with stress.

1. Thinking Positively

Being an optimist helps a ton and I don’t just mean ‘a ton’, I mean more than a 100 pounds! In all seriousness, thinking about happy thoughts makes such a huge difference. When you are in a bad situation just think about your happiest memory. Think of your patronus. Incase you didn’t read ‘Harry Potter’, a patronus is a positive force which helps you fight the dementors. Dementors are dark figures who suck all the happy memories from your soul and make you lifeless creatures with no emotions. Now, imagine the dementors as your stress and a patronus as your euphoric thoughts. Whenever something is stressing you think of the good things in life. This will play a huge role in helping you fight your stress.

Harry Potter fighting off dementors with his patronus

2. Talk it out

Blurting your life crisis to someone you believe in is such a life saver. When you are stressed about something, talk it out with a family member or a close friend. This will make you feel more comfortable and not feel like you’re sinking down in the quick sand of stress. People can give you advice you didn’t even know you need. If you can’t mug up the courage to tell it to someone in real life, there are apps where you can share your thoughts anonymously among the people all over the world.

Talk it out

3.Don’t use Social Media

In this age of technology, social media is making it’s way up to the charts. Almost everyone uses social media. For anything it might be ; chatting with friends, stalking people or just for family. There are a lot of rising insecurities because of social media. A lot of teenagers feel that their bodies need to be a perfect size, they need to have a perfect face, a perfect lifestyle. It is because of this that a lot of stress over physical appearance is gravitating its way up. When you look at other people’s posts you see how ‘perfect’ they are and start feeling bad about yourself. I am not saying to cut down all social media from your life but you obviously need to unfollow the people living that ‘Perfect Instagram Life’. They are only going to make you feel worse than ever.

Don’t use social media

4. Self Talk

To some, talking to yourself may sound a little strange, but its the biggest remedies for stress. Talking to yourself about why you’re having stress, what is it about, what you can control in that situation and a lot more. Asking yourself these questions can really help to clear things in your mind. 5 minutes before you go to bed, ask yourself about your problems. Find solutions for them and learn from your mistakes. Do this for a week and see how jubilant you’ll be. A 100% recommend.

Self Talk

5. Power Poses

Telling yourself that you’re the best person to ever exist, may sound a bit cocky but it isn’t until you’re only telling that to yourself. This will help you boost your confidence level from 2.5 to a solid 10. Listen, I am not advising you to become a narcissist. This is just for making you feel confident. If you don’t like this idea (don’t worry I find it queer too.) Then this one may be the right fit for you! So Cinderella, what you do is a power pose. This can be any super hero pose. This should make you feel strong, deserving and of course, like your favourite superhero. Whenever you are stressed about a situation, competition or your report card, doing a superhero pose really impacts your inner feelings and helps you finish off that monster of stress. May not be your parents after seeing that report card. *cracks up on her own joke*

Power Poses

I hope these tips helped you. It even may be the slightest bit of improvement but I’d like you all to be stress-free! Ice-cream also helps. *mouth slowly starts to water*

Remember to always think of the positive and never go on social media again. Actually cut that last part out. Are you ready kids? Aye Aye Captain! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea….. Spongebob squarepants! ahh sorry got a little carried away!☆

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April Plan With Me | BuJo

If you’re reading this blog then you probably know what a bullet journal is or you’re just lying on your bed with nothing to do, scrolling up and down. Then suddenly bam! You came across this weird post about BuJo! Now what the Frick is a BuJo!?

Cover Page & Monthly Calendar:

Cover page& monthly calendar

Hello, the stranger on the internet! This is my April BuJo setup. I decided to do a Flower theme with the spring season in mind. You always want to start with a cover page. For my cover page, I just drew a bunch of flowers here and there with the month’s title in the centre. I added a smile at the bottom for a tint of positivity. For my monthly calendar, I decided to keep it sweet and simple with not a lot of intricate flowers. For the title, I made it tiny with sunflowers ( which I think look like a sunflowers) on both of the opposite diagonal sides. Then I just drew a box (7*5) and erased the remaining ones. I went over the lines of the box with a green marker and of the numbers with a red one. I think doing this makes it look simple as well as prepossessing


Mood & habit tracker

I usually do two types of trackers. 1. Mood Tracker 2. Habit Tracker For My Mood Tracker, I drew a huge flower which looks quite similar to a Daisy. I gave it an adorable face to make it look more appealing. Now for the actual working part of this spread, I numbered the petals and two of the leaves of the flower to represent the days of the month. On the side I added colours that would represent my moods . For my Habit Tracker, I decided to do the same old format. As I kept the boxes simple, I tried to create some complex bewildering flowers but failed miserably. So I added pops of colour to make this spread look more vibrant and to radiate positivity. (I know that sounds so cheesy but it’s grate)

Personal Care

1 Line a day

For the next layout, I decided to do a ‘ 1 line a day’ spread. This really helps to cumulate your feelings in one spread and comes in handy when you’re feeling blue. This is like a diary entry but the catch is that you have to use only one line. I kept this layout simple as well and decided to do something fun with the flowers. On top of the second box I drew a bed of flowers to match the theme.

I Hope you guys got some inspiration from this and will definitely start a BuJo if you haven’t yet. And don’t find excuses like “umm… but it’s the middle of the year….. I’ll just keep it on the next year’s goals then.” Nah Ah girl! You can start a BuJo anytime anywhere in any book. Whether it be dotted, plain or squared. And you don’t need to make it pulchritudinous (beautiful), it’s all about the function.

If you stranger, are still reading well, I’m proud. You should be proud too. So that we can be proud strangers together! (cue the stranger things theme song)